Beauty & Detox Spa Academy is a new innovative beauty salon and spa franchise group. Our only aim is to become the UK’s number one award-winning beauty, spa and academy in your area with providing the number of quality facilities with the whole bunch of well-known and famous international expert teachers.

We have started in 1999, as the brand name of Sanna’s Beauty Studio. However, we rapidly had able to make a proven strong footstep in North London. In 2007, we have rebranded our creativity with some innovative steps providing quality work and the hands of professional experts’ and therapist to the clients.

It is not simply a brand name for us. The dedication and effort has kept us in this field. Our belief is that we are different from all the other beauty salons and brands in the UK. We are unique that rifts us apart from all our competitors.

What Is So Unique About Our Brand?

With 20 years’ of  experience, we have been able to establish the recognizable business platform for you to become a successful franchisee. We have combined our brand name with the business expertise and provided excellent training and mentoring from professionals within the industry to run your own company successfully that you always dreamed of.


If you want a balance life with positive possibility and financial freedom then you are most welcome for a wide-ranging career plan and educational training program that we provide to all franchisees. We ensure the quality and consistency of our work in all our branches. Our proven franchising plan will help you to deliver and grow your present or new business at a skyrocketing level.  

Our main aim is to become an internationally recognizable franchise company seeking new franchisees in Europe, UAE and Canada.

So, what is a Beauty & Detox Spa Academy Franchise?”

If you are running a business or have 3 years’ of experience in the beauty industry, we will help you to set up and establish your Beauty Spa / Academy.  Beauty starting from £35,000+ and Fitness Franchise From £15,000+

We will provide:

  • The Concept Of Spa & Full Planning For Your Business

  • Business & Ongoing Marketing Support

  • Grow Your Business From A Current Situation

  • Future Proof Of Your Investment

  • Long-Term consistence ability

  • Opportunity To Work With The Leading Branded Partners

  • Student Administration For You

  • Quality Teachers & VTCT Accreditation

  • Fitness Trainers or Gyms for EMS Suit Franchise

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