In our creative course you will get makeup and skin care training by our trained makeup artist and skin care specialists. The tutors will guide you through out all the basic skills of the skin care treatment and makeup.


During the first two weeks, you will cover day, evening, special occasion and bridal makeup with all the techniques required to achieve the look. Also, in skin care treatment you can able to analyze the condition of the skin.

You will learn how to apply false eyelashes, correct way of applying concealer, foundation and highlighters and how to blend them properly. Also you will learn different types of eye make-up and lip art. You will use your creative mind and hand in this course.

You can learn how to apply make up in different area like:

  1. Professional makeup

  2. Media makeup

  3. Runway makeup

  4. Bridal makeup

  5. Photography makeup

  6. Fashion makeup

  7. Magazine makeup


You will be required to bring a set of makeup brushes or purchase it from our academy. All the makeup and products are included in the course fee.

Discover a promising career in makeup & hair artistry, you need the perfect blend of training, confidence, business advice, a stunning photographic portfolio and a well-established, trusted brand to market to your potential clients. We provide an in-depth intensive course that is highly practical course covering classic looks in both makeup & hair artistry. We will train you to produce quality, highly skilled and technical flowless finishes that distinguish you within this industry.


You will receive practical guidance and demonstrations of each technique, you will be required to practically display what you have learnt through hands-on application. Practical assessments will help you grow and gain confidence and we will guide you to become a leading artist in the profusion.


Week 1 & 2: Make-Up or Brake up:

  • History of Makeup, artistry and the industry it has impacts on

  • Natural Makeup Techniques

  • Smokey Eyes Techniques

  • Daily uses and practically

  • Straight from the runway


You will be provided with a training manual as reference to look back on what you have learnt. Upon viewing each look and completion of each look, you will then return to your work station, where you will have all the same products, tools and equipment that you teacher has just used to create the look, which you will repeat.

Throughout we will be assessing your skills and techniques, and we will ensure that you will reach a very high standard in application and finish before moving onto the next look. You will receive one-to-one attention from your Tutor and the core team throughout the duration of the course.


Week 3 & 4: Beauty Looks:

Learning how to become a colour Expert with all the glam and glitter application techniques. Using vibrant eye colours, warm tones and learning to master the dewy base. We will help you to build on the knowledge and techniques from Day 1, step by step to bring you up to a high standard of application and product knowledge.


Week 5 & 6: Bridal Service:

Learning Traditional Bride Looks, Modern Bride Looks, Bridal Makeup and Movie makeup, so we’ve dedicated time to help you understand the looks.

Week 7 & 8: Understanding Hair Styles:

We will be teaching you hair styling. you will be trained on at least 6 classic hair looks, working with manikin heads with real hair and we will teach you the technical skills of applying hair extensions to create up do, down and a variety of hair styles. These hair styles are practical for application for a variety of occasions; bridal, fashion, party and catwalk and movies.

Week 9 & 10: Portfolio Session – your cover shoot:

We’ll provide you with one model on whom you can create 2 looks, using any and all of the makeup and hair products, wardrobe of outfits, accessories and jewellery that we provide you with. We have a professional stylist who brings along the latest fashion and will help you to dress your model according to the look you want to create.

Our professional photographer will take a variety of shots of your model for each look that you create, we will co-direct the shoot with you. You will be provided with a USB stick with all of the images shot to take home at the end of the day.

You can of course upgrade this part of the package with more models and more looks, as a clear majority of our graduates have done so in their training with us. This will of course be provided to you for an additional fee, but it’s entirely up to you to decide if you want to upgrade or not.


Week 11 & 12: Photography Lessons:

Learn how to take professional photos from a master photographer, this will help you throughout your career in making sure your promoting your work the best possible way.  



RRP £1800, 12 weeks Course



For those seeking professional makeup, Movie and hair artistry skills




  • Intensive Makeup & Hair Training

  • Essential Techniques & Skills

  • Professional Portfolio session worth £2500, with professional model’s photographer – everything you need to build your Portfolio SHOTS!

  • Styling, Jewellery Setting

  • Training in Full Set Eyelashes Application

  • Step by Step demonstrations of each look by Tutor, followed by your practical application and Hands-on supervision

  • We have all the products you need to train with



  • Focussed, detailed and intricate makeup techniques for the most popular looks requested by our clients

  • Professional photographic portfolio images to demonstrate your skills to potential clients

  • The secret skill of applying seamless lashes and flawless eye makeup

  • Intensive insight into creating a variety of makeup looks

  • In depth hair training and application techniques and working with hair extensions

  • Product knowledge

  • Business & Marketing Training and Advice

  • Certificate and Accreditation

  • Concessions on makeup and kits, training and portfolio building upon graduation


Total 12 weeks and one day in a week.

What is the Class Hours and Day

  • One day per week for 12 weeks​

  • 10 am to 5 pm for the day class