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Single Treatment 

1 Therapist or Trainer for 1 Person

60 minutes                             from £45

90  minutes                             from £60

120  minutes                            from £80

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1 Therapist or Trainer for 2 Person


2 Therapist for 2 Person

60 minutes                             from £98

90 minutes                             from £138

120 minutes                            from £178

2 x 60 minutes                        from £98

2 x 90 minutes                       from £138

2 x 120 minutes                      from £178

We believe that Treatments and Fitness is a great way to combat the stresses of a busy London lifestyle.

That's why we've made a big step towards wellness by introducing great prices and great opportunities for our team members to help keep London moving every hour every day.

We want all clients to understand and respect our team members, they are all individuals working for them selfs, we are not taking a cut or an income from the treatments or PT sessions they perfume unlike other companies we want all our team members to be able to earn the maximum they possibly can and be comfortable with what they love doing. 

    Notice period                      Refund amount to you

24 hours or more                                                            100%

Up to 2 hours before treatment                                     50%

Within 2 hours                                                                 0%